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InSomnia is a single player RPG game being developed by MONO, an independent development house whose team members are motivated by the shared goal of creating a complex, multi-layered games featuring genuinely unique game mechanics within a carefully constructed and coherent universe. InSomnia is a creative alternative to derivative big-budget projects.

Set in a dystopian universe with retro-futuristic, diesel-punk styling, the world of InSomnia is one in which the visible realm is a veil behind which are hidden many layers of reality that very few can hope to comprehend. The bulk of the action in the game will take place on an enormous, half-deserted space station that has spent more than four centuries traveling to its ultimate destination: the Evacuation Point. Most of the station is abandoned and has come to be known as "the Dump," but there are also many sectors that have never been explored. The survivors are trying to maintain order within a manned sector called URB in the hopes that the station will one day reach its destination.


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